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Megijima map

Pamphlets containing information about Megijima are distributed free of charge at various locations on the island. Please feel free to use it as a companion when sightseeing in Megijima.

Megijima Adventure Notebook.png


Megijima is a familiar island just 20 minutes by ferry from Takamatsu. The ferry to Megijima departs from the Takamatsu Port Ferry Terminal, which is a 5-minute walk from JR Takamatsu Station, so first aim for JR Takamatsu Station.



If you are coming by Shinkansen, please change to the Seto Ohashi Line Rapid Marine Liner at JR Okayama Station and get off at JR Takamatsu Station. There is also a sleeper express called ``Sunrise Seto'' that connects Tokyo and Takamatsu.



Exit the Takamatsu Expressway at Takamatsu Chuo IC. There are parking lots near Takamatsu Port, so please use them. When bringing a vehicle to the island, we recommend making a ferry reservation in advance. For more information, please check the Meojima Kaiun website.

​●Mesujima Shipping Website



A limousine bus runs from Takamatsu Airport to JR Takamatsu Station. Please check the Takamatsu Airport website for details.

●Takamatsu Airport website



If you are coming from Kansai, the cheapest way to visit Megijima is to take the Jumbo Ferry, which connects Kobe and Takamatsu. Please check the Jumbo Ferry website for details.

●Jumbo ferry website


【Express bus】

"Takamatsu Station Express Bus Terminal" is adjacent to JR Takamatsu Station and is connected to all parts of the country. For more information, please check the Shikoku Expressway Bus website.

●Shikoku Expressway Bus website

Ferry timetable

Adult/round trip 740 yen (Takamatsu - Megi)

​Elementary school student/round trip 280 yen (Takamatsu - Megi)

Meojima Shipping Co., Ltd. (

TEL 0878512412

Bus timetable for Onigashima Cave

Adults: Round trip 800 yen (one way 500 yen)

​Children: 400 yen round trip (300 yen one way)

​ Infants (under 4 years old), free (however, 400 yen per person for 2 children and older)

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