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A traditional seaside guesthouse. The meals and BBQ using fresh island vegetables and fish are popular. In the summer, it also operates as a beach house.

[Business] Open as a beach house during the summer. Please contact us for other times.

[Telephone] 0878730880

【address】453 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)


Cafe & Antique Onigashima Club


The store, which is a renovated old folk house, is full of antiques. Please enjoy a relaxing time with carefully seasoned meals and coffee.

[Business hours] Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and holidays 9:00-17:00

Negotiable if open at night

[Telephone] 09052797960

【address】424 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)



Megijima Guest House & Cafe Megino

An open guest house and cafe by the sea. The second floor is an inn, and the first floor is a cafe. Please relax and enjoy the view of the sea.

[Opening hours] Cafe: 11:00-15:00 Cafe is closed on Thursdays (Thursdays and Fridays in winter)


【address】453-1-2 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)



Oni no daidokoro


The restaurant is crowded with islanders at lunchtime. The demon udon with a demon face will make you smile. Hormone udon and okonomiyaki made on an iron plate are also exquisite.

[Opening hours] Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:30-14:30

[Telephone] 0877755515

【address】75-1 Megicho, Takamatsu City​ (GoogleMap)



A hamburger shop with a large container as its landmark. The ``Oni Burger'', which uses the Japanese mushrooms grown on the island, is a special dish that can only be eaten here.

[Business hours] Irregular holidays 9:00-17:00

[Telephone] 09051490202

【address】278 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)




This facility is a renovated historical private house. There is a rest area where you can eat Sanuki's specialty hand-stretched somen noodles, and an annex called ``Kinha'' where you can stay overnight.

[Business hours] Irregular holidays 11:00-15:00

【address】496-2 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)





It used to be a guest house, but now it is open for rent as a beach house and space only during the summer. Enjoy swimming in the comfortable seats in the shade.

[Business] Open as a beach house in the summer

[Telephone] 0878730205

【address】453 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)


A restaurant run by a couple on the island. Enjoy daily set meals and homemade meat buns.

[Business hours] Irregular holidays

[Telephone] 09095484968

【address】94 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)

​JAKagawa Yorisoi Plaza Megi


We sell food and household goods. There is also an ATM inside the store. If you're lucky, you might be able to buy mandarin oranges and other agricultural products from the island. Please note that we are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

[Business hours] Weekdays 9:00-15:00

[Telephone] 0878730203

【address】Takamatsu City Megicho 11 (GoogleMap)

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