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​Onigashima Cave


The large cave where the legend of Momotaro is located is located in the center of the island, halfway up Mt. Washigamine, and is 4,000 square meters in area and 400 meters deep. Inside, the Oni's large hall, living room, and Oni Keeper's waiting room are recreated. The inside of the cave is cool even in summer, giving it a mysterious atmosphere. A bus connects with the ship and runs from the port (Oni-no-Yakata) to the cave.

[Business] 8:30-17:00 (Open all year round)

[Cave entrance fee]

・Adults (high school students and above) 600 yen

・Children (elementary and junior high school students) 300 yen

・Adults with a disability certificate: 300 yen (children: free)

・Over 65 years old 500 yen

*1. Group discount (15 people or more) 10% discount (Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen)

*2. Free for general kindergarten children, but 150 yen per person for groups of 15 or more.

[Telephone] 0878409055


​Megi Omatsuri

The Megi Festival, held every two years in August, is particularly spectacular with the wild drums that roll across the ground and plunge into the sea. The vividly colored Sanuki Lion Dance also delights the eyes of the people.

Oni no Yakata

This is the island's tourist information center. Inside the building, you'll find exhibits related to demons. You can also rent a bicycle or take a bus to the Onigashima Cave here.

[Business hours] 8:00-17:20 (Open all year round)

[Telephone] 0878730728

【address】15-22 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)


[Rental bicycle]

Electric bicycle 2000 yen per day

Bicycle 600 yen per day

​【Timetable for bus to Onigashima Cave】

Bus timetable.png

Sumiyoshi Shrine


A shrine dedicated to the god of the sea. This is the starting point of the Megi Festival. In February, many daffodils bloom and the whole area is filled with a sweet scent.

【address】1385 Megicho, Takamatsu City (Google Maps)

Hachiman Shrine


The island's guardian deity. We also have fortune telling fortunes, so please come and visit us. A New Year's festival is held on New Year's Day. The adjacent Toyotama Yorihime Shrine is said to be blessed with fertility.

【address】233 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)


The ferry ``Meon'', which has a distinctive striped pattern, is actually the third generation. ``Connecting islands

​ has become a striped pattern.


The splendid stone wall built on the coast is not the site of a demon's castle... but rather, it was built to protect the houses from the strong winter winds.

【place】(Google Map)

Moai statue


It was donated by TADANO, a crane manufacturer in Takamatsu, and was made for the Moai restoration project on Easter Island.

【place】(Google Map)

Megijima Lighthouse

A lighthouse that has been watching over the island's shipping routes for a long time. The road to the lighthouse is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot.

【place】(Google Map)

​Lovers Cape


If you confess your feelings here, your love life may or may not be fulfilled. Apparently, there are some couples who have actually succeeded in proposing.

【place】(Google Map)

A mysterious large rock that is said to be home to the spirit of a princess. It is said that if you pass near Tawaraishi in the evening, you can hear the sound of a koto.

【place】(Google Map)

Nichiren Daishonin statue

The magnificent bronze statue was originally located in Kyoto, but was carried to the top of the mountain by the islanders during the Showa period.

【place】(Google Map)

Maruyama Tumulus

An ancient tomb that is said to be the resting place of a former influential figure on the island. A bronze sword and gold earrings were unearthed.

【place】(Google Maps)

"Setouchi Triennale" permanent works

We only introduce works related to the Setouchi Triennale that are on permanent display. For other works, please check the work release schedule on the Setouchi Triennale Official Website.

Seagull Parking

Kamome Parking Lot.png

As the ferry approaches Megi Port, you will see about 300 seagulls lined up on the breakwater. Like real seagulls, this object changes direction all at once when the wind blows. In other words, it is a work that visualizes the flow of the wind and the habits of a flock of seagulls. Seagulls line the breakwaters. Also, at the last art festival, a new seawall whose design was supervised by Kimura was introduced.

​[Location](Google Map)

Reminiscences of the 20th century

The installation consists of a grand piano and four sails standing on top of it.The sails symbolize the Age of Discovery, and music plays from the piano, playing a melody in harmony with the sound of the ocean waves.

​[Location](Google Map)

The wind of dandan

Terraced wind.png

Approximately 400 ceramic blocks are installed, and the view of the town and the sea is integrated into the work, creating a grand panoramic view. The site was once terraced fields. The sloping land was cultivated, but it was soon covered with trees and grass due to depopulation.

​[Location](Google Maps)

Oninoko Kawara Project

Oninoko tile.png

Onigawara is one of the traditional crafts of Kagawa Prefecture. Approximately 3,000 middle school students from the prefecture will take part in a workshop to create onigawaras, which will be displayed in and around the cave.

​[Location](Google Map)

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