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An old-fashioned seaside guesthouse. The gozen menu and BBQ using fresh vegetables and fish from the island are popular. It also operates as a beach house during the summer.

[Business] Open as a beach house during the summer. Please contact us for other times.

[Telephone] 0878730880

【address】453 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)


Megijima Beach Apartments


A stylish inn for rent. It can also be used for parties and weddings. We have accommodation plans and day trip plans.

[Telephone] 0878211810

【address】453-1 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)


Megijima Guest House & Cafe Megino


An open guest house and cafe by the sea. The second floor is an inn, and the first floor is a cafe. Please relax and enjoy the view of the sea.

[Opening Hours] Cafe 11-15:00 Cafe closed on Thursdays (Thursdays and Fridays in winter)


【address】453-1-2 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)



Guest House Satoumi Village


A guest house that has been renovated from a former private house. Depending on the season, we also sell vegetables and soft serve ice cream grown on the island.

[Telephone] 09057190697

【address】Takamatsu City Megicho 41 (Google Maps)

[Facebook]Guesthouse Satoumimura

Room without meals: 4,000 yen (excluding tax)

Bring your own breakfast, dinner, and alcoholic beverages



This facility is a renovated historical private house. There is a rest area where you can eat Sanuki's specialty hand-stretched somen noodles, and an annex called ``Kinha'' where you can stay overnight.

[Business hours] Irregular holidays 11:00-15:00

【address】496-2 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)



Megijima Ote no Yado Onigashima Stay

ote no yado 1.jpg

An old private house built in 1933 under the watchful eye of Ote has been transformed into an inn. Please enjoy the relaxing space, large balcony and large garden.

[Telephone] Onigashima Club 09052797960


【address】Takamatsu City Megicho 2 (Google Maps)

Matsubara Campsite


A campsite next to the beach. Enjoy a relaxing time listening to the sound of the waves. BBQ equipment is also available for rental.

[Fee] Camping/BBQ 200 yen per person per day

Shower use is 100 yen per use (cold water only)

[Telephone] 09031522447

【address】236-2 Megicho, Takamatsu City (GoogleMap)

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