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Art festival in Seto

Art festival in Seto

Parking lot of the gull

When a ferry approaches the port of concave wood, I see approximately 300 gulls which lined in the breakwater. When wind blows this art object, like a genuine gull, I change the direction all at once. In other words, it is the work which visualized a flow of the wind and a habit of a flock of gulls. The gulls form a line in the plural breakwaters. In addition, the new seawall which Kimura designed it at the last art festival and supervised came up.

Recollection of the 20th century

I constituted installation with four sail standing on a grand piano and the top, and the sail symbolizes the Age of Geographical Discovery and plays a melody while music agrees with the sound of the wave of a flow, the sea from a piano.


MEGI HOUSE is a headquarters of Aichi Prefectural University of Arts, and the place of expression and the experiment carries out a teacher and the student of both art, music departments, work announcement and the concert by graduates. In addition to permanent construction display until the last time, works using the light by Mitsunori Kurashige come up newly this time.

Woman root - mekon -

The big palm which inhabited the island soars on the buoy like a man-made satellite and locates the mosaic of the tile kitschy around and the art object of the crocodile, ship materials. A closed elementary school and plant and work sound all in one body. I appeared at the last art festival, and work elements multiplied whenever I pursued a session.
I expand the Otake taste more this time around a school building entrance.

Concave wood island masterpiece seat

I utilize the warehouse which is not used and announce the installation with a picture and the picture made with a theater now. Author oneself paints decoration such as the loge in the seat area and displays a picture of filmstar or the picture of the movie star in the lobby. It is elaborating to condense the memory of the old theater of Manhattan.

Wind of steps

The place that planned a scene and the unification of the work to install approximately 400 blocks of Sue, and to be able to look around cityscape and the sea, and showed the panorama very much, and was terraced fields once in the place. I cleared and cultivated the slant ground, but am the place that has been covered for depopulation before long by miscellaneous small trees and grass.

Absent existence

I install two points of works in the redecorated empty house and am the experience-based work of the mysterious device using the visual illusion.

oninoko tile project

One, the ridge-end tile of the traditional industrial art object of Kagawa. Approximately 3,000 junior high students in the prefecture deal with the production of the ridge-end tile in a workshop and are displayed around the cave.
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