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The highlight

The highlight of the ogres' island (concave wood island)

onino building (TEL. 087-873-0728)

The hall constitutes it between the "city of the ogre" zone of the lunchroom and the ferry waiting room, "the ogre" of the document exhibition room in a zone. Between "an ogre," I display the ogre legend of various parts of Japan or the document about the concave wood island. In the section where I collected picture books of Momotaro.

The stone wall which seems to be really "ogres' island." It is not reluctance of leaving ... of the castle which ogres built for an attack of Momotaro. It is a stone wall to protect the village of the island from a winter strong wind called "otoshi". It is totally a maze in ote. I can enjoy the taste of the island just to walk.

The tip of the shore of the sand bar which did a beautiful bow shape, the breakwater open space of corner of the ogre-shaped piling-stones. The superb view point which Seto Inland Sea and Yashima can overlook. The prefecture first-rate quality of the water is chosen as pride, excellent water 100 selections.
Matsubara campground

It becomes the campground which is near the beach (the very front) most in Shimauchi campground. The barbecue is possible, too.
Eagle ka peak observation deck

The location that is impossible in the number of Seto Inland Sea islands that there is to overlook the Seto Inland Sea 360 degrees from the mountaintop of 188m above sea level only in here concave wood island. There is much which drops without going to the cave, and going to the observation deck, but it is a waste!
Ogres' island vast cave (TEL. 087-840-9055)

A concave wood island is an island of the Momotaro legend. It is called another name "ogres' island". There is a cave said to that an ogre lived at the mountaintop of the island and can taste a slight exploration feeling.
Sumiyoshi Shrine

As God of the sea, it is believed deeply by fishery, a person concerned with voyage. By the big festival (Saturday and Sunday first in August) held (odd year of the Christian era) once in two years, go into the sea together with a drum stand; "act violently, and a drum" is sightseeing.
Columnar joint

It is the rocks such as a hexagon pillar, the pentagon pillar which the lava which flowed out will get cold with the eruption of the volcano 5 million years ago rapidly now, and there was. I am appointed to a natural monument of Takamatsu-shi in 1975. The rock is made from basalt.
Maruyama old burial mound

The old burial mound which was made in the about fifth century approximately 15 meters in diameter. A maximum sarcophagus in Takamatsu-shi was discovered, and the grave goods such as heart type earrings made of sword and earring, money were excavated.
Straw bag stone

A straw bag of circumference approximately 10m-shaped big stone. I hear a sound spinning a thread and a sound to sometimes run over a koto out of nowhere when I go along this neighborhood in a very desolate place.
Scenery of Nishiura

The view from here is the place where the setting sun is very beautiful. There is a very tasty mandarin orange in the sea breeze by becoming the incline.
Stone statue of Nichiren

In 1937, it was removed and rebuilt from the commemorative mountains of Kyoto (Fushimi, Fukakusa). This bronze statue is the image which I erected in a tower for Taho-nyorai temple of Fushimi, Kyoto.

Scenery to watch from the ogres' island (concave wood island)

Scenery of Takamatsu

The spring Seto Inland Sea

The protruding joint island that I watched from the eagle ka peak

Toshima to look at from an observation deck

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