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Welcome to the never-never land
Ogres' island (concave wood island) where Momotaro legend remains

Of the island island is new, and "meon" navigates it from February 28, 2021

I realize increase of the passenger capacity and expansion of the vehicle loading space while concentrating various invention for the hull design, and controlling increase of the aggregate tonnage of the ship
Architect unit dot architects dealt with the exterior and the interior design.
The room locates the good big window of the view, the multi-island beauty of the Seto Inland Sea
I realize the space full of feelings of freedom to be able to look around 270 degrees.
New Corona measures
I more largely than usual strengthen the awakening equipment in the ship and, to an air-conditioner, adopt the latest model that carried a sanitization device "streamer" made by Daikin. Furthermore, antibacterial antivirus coating processing "eco-chimera" is carried out by the entire surface in the guest room.

About vast cave line bus timetable winter season (December, January, February) service! It becomes the service only for 0 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

About ogres' island (concave wood island)
About ogres' island (concave wood island)
The island that appears to north approximately 4km of Takamatsu-shi
The concave wood island appearing to north approximately 4km of Takamatsu-shi is at the position of approximately 20 minutes by ferry from the Takamatsu Port. Because the huge cave called "ogres' island vast cave" is on the eagle ka peak mountaintop in the central part of the island and is informed it when an ogre lived in the old days, it is called another name "ogres' island". In addition, the cherry tree of approximately 3,000 put on Shimauchi in spring makes it bloom, and the whole island is dyed pinkness.
I show around a tourist attraction and the constant seller course of the ogres' island in this site. Please thoroughly enjoy the history and an island, ogres' island full of the charm.

Please download a concave wood island map.

I look for it from a purpose
I look for it from a purpose

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